Build a New Zealand FSP, a Bank, or a Swedish Trust?

Posted on February 17, 2015 at 1:46 pm by admin Comments Off on Build a New Zealand FSP, a Bank, or a Swedish Trust?

Euroclear Ready with Corresponding Accounts in Banks

We own a Swedish Trust, of which you can operate as a Bank like services, similar to a Credit Union. The Trust structure is accepted by and condoned for doing business like Bank, where by you can open accounts for clients, hold funds under the sub-account as a beneficiary of the trust, etc.

The Trust structure is a “tax-benefit” as well, which allows for a certain level of privacy and “no double taxation” being in an onshore jurisdiction.

The Trust is also a Swedish company, therefore, we can supply and make ISIN numbers for the Units of the Trust, and these can be listed onto OMX, GXG Markets, or AIM through custodian relationships with VP clearing and or Euroclear.

As a Swedish Trust company, you can open accounts with Euroclear and VP to hold “Bonds” and investments within the European Union. This structure is ideal for persons considering markets like Luxembourg and Switzerland for “onshore transactions.” Essentially the Trust can act like a Bank, Brokerage House, Financial Advisor and Custodian for its beneficiary accounts set-up by clients.

There is a turn-key software, clearing, custodian account, corresponding accounts, and operations ready for purchase. This is much better than New Zealand FSPs, as it is onshore in Europe. The cost is also less, it is only 75,000 euro.

This is ideal for clearing Bonds and investments for clients, structured finance, raising capital for investment management, holding client’s funds in “trust” and allowing them to operate within the trust parameters to deposit and withdraw funds.

These are great companies that have “passed” the EU regulatory bodies and Country regulatory bodies within Sweden to operate and transact. Contact us for more information on the Swedish Trust.